Hangzhou Careco Environmetal Technology Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Careco Environmetal Technology Co., Ltd.

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Who we are:

A team consists of specialist of environmental engineering, chemical industry and international trading.


What we do:

Nowadays, only environmental regulation compliant manufacturers can go on continually production to ensure stable supply chain. To serve our customer
the best, we have put our energy into three core fields.

The first is providing environmental protection serviceSolutions are provided to manufacturers from a wide range of industries who are struggling in
al pollution troubles. Environmental regulation compliance is ensured to maintain sustainable manufacturing activities. Our services cover 
Environmental Engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance, Environmental Impact Assessment, and EHS regulation compliance
consultation. We are especially strong in handing sewage and industry waste water.

The second is supplying our environment regulation compliant products to the marketThey are mainly ICH&EHS regulation compliant ingredients and
biochemicals, herbal extracts, which  are widely used in pharmaceutical, food supplement, personal care, animal health and agriculture.

The third is sourcing hard-to-find chemicals. Moreover, as we are chemical industry specialists, we also have the capacity and passion to go through project
from R&D to commercial contract manufacturing for oversea customers.

What we pursue is relentlessly satisfy customers’ requirements while protect our environment and ecology.

About Us

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